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Wedding photography

Wedding photography

Wedding photography! A new day, a breath of fresh air, a clean sheet! Everything is new, unexpected, unrecognizable. An inspiration! This is the wedding for me. My work often leads me to travel, learn about new cultures and wonderful people. I started this adventure trying to capture, with elegance, the true essence of love. Elegance is found in a smile, in a small gesture, in the sparkle of a look or in a kiss. I never get tired to telling these moments, day by day and reliving them over time.

I Love my Work

I never get tired of telling these moments, day by day and reliving them over time. Being a wedding photographer allows me to travel often and learn about new cultures, new customs, new places. It is always a privilege for me to be part of the most important day for a married couple. Photograph their expressions, their emotions, their moods, in an elegant and composed way, without ever being a source of disturbance.

My Work, My Life

This has always allowed me to question myself and try to refine my technique, try to understand what a couple would like from me, and how. I am very happy with my work and what allows me to be and to do!

Wedding photography
About me

I was born in Rome in 1987, as a father photographer. Since I was a child I have followed my father in weddings, we have traveled often and visited wonderful places, where I have learned to tell through images the emotions, the moods that occur during the wedding. The strong origins of my family made me gather different possible experiences, challenging myself and always questioning my skills. Today I am completely in love with my job so much that I combine my life with my job.

After 20 years I photograph weddings with the same love!