Wedding photographer

It is always a great thrill to travel, meet new places and new fantastic people. It was the first time I photographed a wedding in Reggio Calabria and it was a wonderful experience. Reggio is located on the tip of the “boot”, on the slopes of the Aspromonte and in the geographical center of the Mediterranean, it enjoys a unique panorama in the world that allows you to clearly see the Sicilian coasts and Mount Etna, and even the Aeolian islands from its heights. I love photographing weddings around the world.

Damiano Carelli Studio

Reggio Calabria photographer

I prefer to meet the spouses before the wedding, in order to create a relationship with them, I think it is important to know who you are in front of and understand what their expectations are.

Unfortunately with Anna and Dario it was not possible, but this did not affect the wedding photos. Anna and Dario are fantastic people who manage to put you at ease right away, this made everything more beautiful. It was my first wedding in Reggio Calabria, and I will never forget it.

Wedding Venue Reggio Calabria

For their wedding in Reggio Calabria, Anna and Dario chose the wonderful Casale 1890 – Tramontana Tramontana as their reception room. A magical place full of charm, welcomes you in a relaxing and refined atmosphere, immersed in a large vineyard, surrounded by rolling hills and with a wonderful view of the Strait of Messina.