Wedding photos of Andrea and Roberta

Wedding photos. Calabria is a sunburned region with rugged mountains, ancient villages and a spectacular coast with many renowned beaches. The traditions, customs and customs are very ancient, the result of the different populations that lived there. It is the region where I was born and live! This gives me a deep love for Calabria, and being able to work here always makes me proud!

Getting married in Calabria

There are several possibilities if you decide to make the wedding in Calabria. From the beautiful and unspoiled rocky beaches of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the immense sandy beaches of the Ionian coast. Or in sila, a fantastic landscape with large trees and pristine forests. There are many beautiful places, all different from each other

The Wedding Day

Andrea and Roberta are two very lovely guys. They are the guys who manage to put you immediately at ease and get carried away by emotions. It was very easy to establish a relationship with them! here was a beautiful sunny day which made everything much more beautiful! In the beautiful and ancient church of madonna di mare they pronounced their yes. An ancient place, of eighteenth-century origin on the initiative of the principles of Tarsia. Everything is wonderful! Emotions, smiles, hugs, tears of happiness made everything magical. The wedding ended at Borgo Saverona, a place of elegance and refinement! It’s always a pleasure for me, this is a story of two lovely guys that I love! Hope you like it.