Matera Wedding

Rocco and Simona’s wedding in Matera. Matera is a city located on a rocky outcrop in Basilicata, in southern Italy. Includes the Sassi area, a complex of cave houses dug into the mountain. The Sassi now host museums such as the Casa Grotta di Vico Solitario, with period furniture and handcrafted tools. It is an enchanted place, where everything around you seems wrapped in a veil of magic.

Getting married in Matera

Deciding to get married in Matera I think is an excellent solution. Matera manages to wrap everything with elegance, history and romance. It is one of my favorite places to work. The Sassi area is full of very beautiful views where you can take special photos. The right light that reflects on the stones gives added value to the photo! I am always very happy to work in Matera.

A beautiful couple

Rocco and Simona are a couple that I met a year before from their wedding. They are a couple very attentive to detail, they were very keen to choose a photographer who could make them feel calm and who would make them happy! There was immediately harmony between us! Simona is from Calabria while Rocco from Puglia, this did not make the organization of their wedding easy.

Wedding Day

Rocco and Simona chose Matera as the location for their wedding and I think they made an excellent choice! Simona has relied on two professionals with Massimo Ferraroni and Francesco Chironna for the hairstyle and makeup, they could not have made a better choice. He also gave an extra touch to his hairstyle by choosing Guinevere Vines with his beautiful creations. We had a lot of fun, our closest friends contributed a lot to make everything more beautiful, the Castle of San Basilio is a wonderful place to celebrate your wedding!

This is their album, a mix of emotions, romance and elegance.