Wedding Maratea

Wedding Maratea. The Basilicata region is located between Calabria and Puglia, in the southern part of Italy. You don’t visit Basilicata by chance, but you choose to stay in this land just to live a different experience, immersing yourself in places where silence, colors, scents and flavors take you away from the noise and stress of modern life, giving unique sensations.


Andrea and Katia are two fantastic guys, their desire to be together was immediately felt! Theirs is a strong bond, a bond that binds them since they were children. It was really easy with them, we immediately established a bond between us, this makes me very happy! Katia is really very sweet and sunny!

Wedding Day

Andrea and Katia live in Milan, but both are from Maratea. I have been working in Maratea for a few years, but it seems to me that I have always been there! I always feel a certain well-being as soon as I arrive, it almost seems to be at home. The people, the landscape, everything is as if you have known them for a lifetime!

Wedding venue

For me, being able to work in Maratea is truly a privilege. I owe this to Valentina Trotta, she was the one who introduced me to this wonderful land. Valentina always knows how to make the wedding unique, she always manages to give it a touch of elegance, harmony, color. Working with her is really very nice! Andrea and Katia chose the Tartana Club to celebrate their wedding with friends and relatives. It presents itself as an exclusive location overlooking the sea, where the high level of gastronomic offer and the magical atmospheres of the surrounding landscape are ideal for wedding lovers on the sea. It was all perfect, this is one of the wedding that I will never forget, made of fantastic, beautiful people! Hope you like it!